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A Symphony of Elevation and Elegance

Origin and Elevation:
Nestled in the verdant, rolling hills of Southern Ethiopia, Sidamo coffee is cultivated amidst a breathtaking landscape that ranges from 1500 to 2200 meters above sea level. This altitude not only bestows Sidamo with its distinct flavor but also embeds the essence of its rich, diverse terroir into every bean.

Roasting Process:
Each batch of Sidamo is carefully roasted to highlight its unique characteristics. Our master roasters employ traditional techniques, slowly coaxing out the coffee’s fruity and wine-like flavors. This meticulous process ensures that the beans’ natural sugars caramelize perfectly without burning, creating a medium-bodied coffee that is as smooth as it is complex.

Taste Profile:
Sidamo offers an exquisite profile that captivates from the first sip. Experience the complexity of its flavors where notes of ripe berries meet subtle hints of citrus. The wine-like undertones harmonize these fruity notes, culminating in a smooth, clean finish that resonates with both novice enthusiasts and seasoned connoisseurs alike. For Bunah Sidamo, the mention of a wine-like undertones indicates that this coffee likely exhibits these vibrant, fruity flavors combined with a clear, bright acidity, making it both refreshing and complex. This profile is complemented by the floral, lemon, and berry notes, creating a layered and sophisticated tasting experience, akin to enjoying a fine wine. This characteristic makes Bunah Sidamo particularly appealing to those who appreciate intricate and dynamic flavors in their coffee.

Historical Significance:
A staple in the specialty coffee market, Sidamo’s reputation is built on centuries of coffee cultivation. Each cup you enjoy is part of a continuing legacy of quality and excellence, reflecting Ethiopia's rich coffee heritage.

Savor the taste of luxury with every cup of our Sidamo coffee, where history meets the pinnacle of coffee crafting. Perfect for those who appreciate a coffee that offers both a story and a sensational experience.


Sidamo Coffee

Sidamo Coffee

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