Robera Coffee Training Institute

Elevate your coffee expertise and unlock the secrets of Ethiopian Coffee with our Certified Programs

At Robera Coffee Training Institute, we are dedicated to fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of coffee through comprehensive education and hands-on training. Our institute is a licensed educational center offering specialized TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) short-term coffee certificate programs. These are meticulously designed to not only impart essential coffee knowledge but also to enhance career opportunities within the coffee industry.

Our Programs:

Level II:

  • Roasting, Grinding, and Barista Technique in Coffee: Master the art of coffee preparation from bean to cup.
  • Basic Sensory Tests & Analysis in Coffee: Learn to identify and appreciate the subtle nuances of coffee flavors and aromas.

Level III:

  • Analysis of Coffee Cupping Tests: Delve deeper into the sophisticated techniques of coffee cupping.
  • Inter-related Processes in Coffee Production and Processing: Gain comprehensive insights into the entire coffee production lifecycle.

Our curriculum is crafted to encourage knowledge-based coffee investment, with a focus on job development and enjoying coffee's authentic flavors. Our experienced educators, equipped with top-tier teaching aids like detailed lesson plans, reference books, and fully-equipped labs, guide each trainee towards excellence.

Career Opportunities Post-Training:
Upon completion, our trainees are well-prepared to launch their own coffee enterprises or join the workforce across various sectors, including cooperatives, associations, unions, coffee farms, and coffee processing factories. Opportunities also extend to roles in both the public and private sectors, as well as nonprofit organizations involved in the coffee industry.

Special Program for International Visitors:
For our global audience, we offer a unique short-term practical training program tailored to introduce participants to the fundamentals of sensory testing, grading, cupping, roasting, grinding, and barista skills. These sessions can be customized to fit any schedule, ranging from a few hours to a full month.

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