coffe making process - bunah coffee
coffe making process - bunah coffee

Ethiopian Coffee History

The Quintessence of Ethiopian Coffee Culture

Discover the storied origins of coffee in the lush landscapes of Ethiopia, the birthplace of the world's most cherished brew. In the 9th century, amidst the expansive realms of the Kefa Kingdom, the nomadic Oromos were the first to savor coffee—not as a drink, but as nourishing fat-laden balls called "Buna Qalla," savored by warriors for sustenance. By 860 A.D., this local bean had begun its global journey through intricate trade networks. Upon reaching Yemen via the Gulf of Aden, the bean was christened "Qahwa Al-Bun" and introduced to the Arabian Peninsula, setting the stage for a beverage that would captivate the world. Misattributed to Arab traders initially, the true Ethiopian roots of coffee, spanning from the Arabica to the cherished Heirloom varieties, are a testament to its profound legacy. As you sip a cup of our exclusive Coffea Arabica or the rare Coffea Heirloom, you're tasting centuries of history and luxury. Each bean is a testament to empires risen and fallen—fueling the intellects within Ottoman palaces, the intrigue in French chateaus, and the spirit of British royalty.

Robena Coffee Gallery invites you to experience the pinnacle of coffee luxury. Our meticulously sourced beans reflect not just a beverage, but a storied past replete with culture, innovation, and the unparalleled sophistication of Ethiopian coffee heritage. Enjoy a cup less ordinary, where every sip offers a taste of history refined to perfection.

Rosted coffee beans - bunah coffee
Rosted coffee beans - bunah coffee

More Than Just a Beverage

Ethiopia’s Exquisite Contribution

Ethiopia's gift to the world is not merely a drink but a herald of transformation. This dark, invigorating liquid offered an elegant alternative to alcohol, energizing the mind and body far beyond the simple buzz of spirits. Coffee rapidly transcended its initial role, becoming an essential stimulant that sparked a revolution in both thought and industry.

As the centuries unfolded, the influence of coffee was profoundly felt across Europe and the West, marking a pivotal shift from manual labor to the steam-powered brilliance of the industrial revolution. It was in the refined coffeehouses of Britain where the true power of Ethiopian coffee became evident. Prestigious establishments like Lloyd’s of London Coffeehouse and the London Shipping Exchange became the bustling epicenters of commerce and conversation, precursors to the modern corporate office.

These historic coffeehouses, with their specialized tables and private stalls, were the forerunners to today’s office cubicles, centered around the communal coffee pot. This tradition lives on in the highest echelons of business and culture, where decisions are still made over cups of finely brewed Ethiopian coffee. Even in recent history, the British Stock Exchange referred to their messengers as "waiters," a homage to the coffeehouse origins of these vital roles.

At Robena Coffee Gallery, we invite you to partake in this legacy. Each cup of our premium coffee is a sip of history, crafted to elevate your senses and inspire greatness, just as it has for centuries across the globe.

At the heart of Ethiopian tradition lies the revered Coffee Ceremony—an exquisite ritual that weaves the rich tapestry of Ethiopian culture with its deep-seated passion for coffee, often referred to by locals with pride: "Coffee is our bread." As a cornerstone of the national economy and a cherished daily ritual for over 30 million Ethiopians, coffee transcends mere consumption—it invites companionship and cultural immersion.